Veteran Trees and Woodland Management

Over 80% of Europe’s veteran trees can be found in the UK, they provide an abundance and continuity of specialist habitats for plant, insect and animal species, particularly in relation to dead wood and threatened species.

The management and understanding of veteran trees is a complex and sensitive field and as such it requires expert and specialist attention.

We can provide:

  • Individual detailed tree inspections
  • Assessments of habitat provided by individual veteran trees
  • Assessment of tree viability
  • Assessment of tree risk
  • Maps of tree positions with legends for easy identification of tree characteristics
  • Prioritised works schedules

Arboricultural consultant Kevin Cloud has extensive experience in surveying and assessing veteran trees and has been managing woodlands for over 15 years. During this time he has written woodland management plans for a variety of clients with a broad range of objectives and outcomes for the woodland, and the timber within it, often with a variety of partners or stakeholders to include in the process.

Woodland management brings together a range of Technical Arboriculture’s skills and knowledge to ensure that the client’s objectives are met, whether financial, nature conservation, biodiversity, sporting or amenity.