Trees and Development

Mature trees make a valuable contribution to new development improving the character of the location with positive effects on the marketing and value of new houses and business premises.

However, trees may present an obstacle to gaining planning consent.

Technical Arboriculture works to the relevant British Standard – BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – ensuring that your planning submission conforms to the government’s criteria under 1APP.

More importantly, our past experience, gained whilst working within local planning authorities, means that we understand what tree information your local planning authority requires. We also maintain good professional working relationships with tree officers and landscape architects. Furthermore our commitment to continuing professional development means that we are always aware of emerging technical solutions and current best practice.

The result is a carefully selected approach to our client’s site, the proposed development and the information submitted to the council.

When commissioning an AIA AMS Report with Technical Arboriculture you:

Are supplied with valuable initial information on tree constraints to ensure their design team develop the best site layout and address any potential obstacles early on, improving chances of success from the outset.

Receive our expert tree advice on special engineering and design within root protection areas as well as professional representation on site and in all aspects of the planning process.

Get a professionally packaged tree survey, arboricultural impact appraisal and arboricultural method statement, including CAD drawings, to maximise the chances of success. All our work follows relevant guidance in BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction which satisfies 1APP criteria.

Have access to tree specialists for liaison with the local planning authority, to provide arboricultural supervision during construction activity and ensure that tree related planning conditions are signed off.

You can relax knowing we will deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed, to the people who need it.