Tree Surveys

Identify and report on the health and viability of valuable, ornamental or damaged trees

Technical Arboriculture undertakes a variety of tree surveys and mapping exercises for our clients.

This ranges from the assessment of small quantities of specimen trees to the inspection of large populations of street or parkland trees.

Our tree expertise also covers surveys for veteran trees and evaluation of woodlands and forest plantations.

tree survey equipment used by our arboricultural specialists

In order to provide our clients with accurate plotting of tree locations, we utilise state of the art of data capture hardware and software (GIS/GPS). This includes the Trimble Juno T41 hand held GPS data logger coupled with GeografiM and Keytree software. We also use a TruPulse 360B laser rangefinder for tree height measurements and plotting accurate crown spreads where required.


Why so many tree survey gadgets?

These state of the art tree survey tools allow us to gather tree data and provide the client with drawing and mapping in a range of formats. For individual clients we offer a kml file for use with open source GPS such as google earth, for corporate clients we can provide ESRI shape files.

All development site drawing work is done using the latest version of AutoCAD via Keytree.

The information we gather and record can then be used for the following:

  • Tree constraints plans
  • Tree protection plans
  • Tree risk management zoning
  • Tree risk management surveying and plotting
  • Veteran tree surveys
  • Tree strategy
  • Woodland and forest management