Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

A tree preservation order (TPO) should not prevent sensible management of the trees or woodlands that they protect.

The owner of the trees is still responsible for them and still liable for any problems or actions arising from defects, diseases or damage. The owner of the protected tree has the same duty of care as any other tree owner and is expected to manage their trees in a reasonable manner.

Technical Arboriculture has been involved with a variety of TPO applications. We can provide our clients with clear information on the health and risk management of their trees and we can make a formal application on the client’s behalf.

What if permission has been refused?

It is not uncommon for disagreements to occur between the local planning authority and the tree owner with regard to what work is acceptable or reasonable. In these situations Technical Arboriculture can give expert tree advice to the tree owner on various aspects of tree law and procedures in relation to tree preservation orders.

We can also make representations to the local planning authority; make formal objections to new tree preservation orders and act as our client’s expert witness in appeal proceedings against refusal of an application for tree work.