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NPPF Planning Changes for 2021

Friday, July 30th, 2021

‘planning policies and decisions should ensure that new streets are tree-lined, that opportunities are taken to incorporate trees elsewhere in developments (such as parks and community orchards)’

This is the statement in the new National Planning and Policy Framework (NPPF) document which really caught our eye. We are fans of trees, there is no denying that. Trees can make a development and quite literally break one.

The architects journal linked above has a great article for any architects or developers aiming to understand the impact of the latest changes to this policy.

Trees on developments, both the old and the new are vital to our environment, they bring a sense of scale, of permanency as well as visual interest, screening, sound insulation and grounding. They help us to adjust to the seasons, the colour of autumn and the austerity of winter, the enthusiasm of spring and a welcome shady bower in summer.

BUT the wrong tree can cause catastrophic damage through roots, wind damage, out growing of their space or failure to thrive.

As well as aiding our clients to achieve the plans they desire, we offer guidance and advice on how to maintain a well balanced, collaborative blend of trees and built environment. One that is future proofed.

The full document is linked here.